TV Shows Over Broadband On Mac OS X

Every once in a while, I'll miss an airing of one of my favorite TV shows. Lucky for me, I have broadband and ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox offer viewing of full episodes of select TV shows online. Unlucky for me, an error message on the Fox site told me only Windows is supported. But lucky for me, I found a beta (use at your own risk) of the required plug-in (powered by Move Networks).

Go to http://www.byu.tv/ (gotta love those Mormons) to download and install the plug-in (direct download), then quit and restart your browser. That's it. Now you can head on over to Fox and get your Prison Break fix.

I couldn't get the Fox TV shows to display in Safari, but Firefox worked just fine. Check the FAQ for system requirements and instructions on uninstalling the plug-in.

Update: The Fox shows need an updated plug-in, which isn't available for Mac OS X. So no Prison Break for me. At least ABC, CBS and NBC are still Mac friendly.

Update 2: Yea! Fox shows are available to stream on Mac OS X again! And this time it also works in Safari! Just go to http://www.byu.tv/ and install the plug-in (don't do the direct download - it's old). If after a while nothing seems to be happening after clicking to install, just refresh the page. Then head on over to Fox On Demand for some sweet, sweet Prison Break.


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